“Hiking week on Mallorca” Package 8 Days

AngebotWandernAlthough most of the "beach tourists", who visit the island during the summer months, it almost seems incredible, it is nevertheless true, that you there are a lot of nice and peaceful, natural landscapes on the island.

Exploring Mallorca by foot , means to forget the everyday life, get close to nature. Enjoy the beauty of the island away from your everyday routine, whether on dirt tracks or remodeled drywall ways, it doesn't need to be the “Classical tourist attractions” ., there are so many good things nearby.

We want to guide you through the fascinating world of hiking on Majorca, lead you to impressive overlooks, see wild plants and herbs, and with good luck see some representatives of the rich animal world, discover parts of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in the Mediterranean.

Our route will lead you to, steep rock walls, we will also get along coastal trails to secluded beaches, torrents, Olive trees- and almond groves, passing through oak forests.

What we offer:

  • Book the "Hiking Week Package" and enjoy your perfect holiday!
  • You will spend your stay on our farm surrounded by a beautiful landscape
  • Take a walk in our gardens, enjoy our spa and gourmet offerings or play golf on our private driving range
  • Discover the islands diversity by car - we can recommend places to visit and attractions nearby.
  • 7 Nights in the selected category (Apartment oder Suite)
  • 4 guided walks (On request, the offer also 3 Hiking be reduced)

Example – Week program

– can be changed according to your wishes and requirements
– The weekly program may change depending on weather and the number of participants

  • 1.Day-hike to the "Puig Ferrutx" - with unforgettable views over the plain of Northern Mallorca and the Bay of Alcúdia through to the "Cap de Formentor", the northernmost point of the island. On a clear day you can see Menorca – the hike takes about. 4 hours. and has a moderate difficulty
  • 2.Day -on the Tramuntana mountains to the area around the Tossals Verds, Cuber und L'OFRE - than. 5 hours. and has a moderate difficulty
  • 3.Day – free
  • 4.Day – The Mountain Calls! Climb to "the Castell de Alaro" - which offers a fantastic view to the Puig Major on the opposite side (Mallorca's highest peak at 1445m) and other peaks of the "Sierra de Tramuntana" - the trip takes about. 4 hours. and has a moderate difficulty
  • 5.Day – The peninsula "La Victoria" is waiting for us - round trip approx. 4 hours. easily
  • 6.Day off

Validity: Stellen Sie Ihre Anfrage; wir finden das richtige Zeitfenster für Sie !

Unsere Wanderführerin Gitta

Our hiking guide Gitta

Majorca, Isle of Light, Island of Peace, Island of Contrasts and all other lovingly chosen names – each of which, the island which has been my home for 15 years now 15 has, earned.

During my first short vacation here I fell in love and just 12 Months later I was standing at the arrival hall of the airport of Palma de Mallorca with my children and our suitcases , without a flight back! Unbelievable but true, and I didn't regret my decision a single day.

Since then I live in the East of the island, but also just love the North, West, South and the center of the island. My absolute favorite are the ruins of Castell de Alaro. It is by far not the highest elevation, but here, you have a quite fabulous view over “The island of the 8 winds” ., ., you will get an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

As a born Thuringian hiking is just in my blood, so for me, there is no place on the island, I have not already discovered with my walking shoes on!.

Yes, as you might not expect, even along the infamous Playa de Palma you can walk for miles. Only it just depends, when you do it. starting in November, when the low sun shines onto the water, the sand and mountains in the distance, walks in places, I prefer to shun else, can be unforgettable impressive.

Most of all I like to hike throughout the whole year, and everyone who comes with me, can understand. Let yourself be inspired …

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