Botanicactus is a botanical garden in Mallorca. It is located in the south of the island near the town of Ses Salines. It includes 50.000 m² tropical vegetation and has an artificial lake of 10.000 m².

The 40.000 m², there are over 400 Plant- and 10.000 Kakteenarten. 25.000 m² are a collection of the Mallorcan flora (Olive, Granatapfel-, Mandel-, Pinien-, Zypressen-, Orange, Johannisbrot- and eucalyptus trees).

According to the operator (Stand: of May 2006) , is the largest botanical garden in Europe. He was born on 20. of May 1989 opened and was the first in the Balearic Islands.

Botanicactus is private property and is subsidized by any organization.

1987 was begun with the construction of Botanicactus. You chose a planar array of Lucerne as building site. It has an artificial lake of 10.000 m² surface and 4 created m depth with an island. This lake also serves as a reserve pool of water. In order to protect the garden from drying out by the ruling in this area of ​​the island north winds, one used the excavated earth, aufzuschütten by ramparts. After more than two years Botanicactus was on 20. of May 1989 open.

Ses Crosses Square, 1
Strait of Ses Salines to Santanyi kilometers 1
07640 Ses Salines
Phone +34 971 649 494

Opening times
November bis Februar 10:30 Clock up 16:30 Clock
March to October 9 Clock until at least 18:30 Clock
(June-August on Saturdays and Sundays only until 14 Clock)
Admission costs 12 Euro

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