Use of Cookies

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small text file, which your computer, Tablet PC or smartphone to, when you visit a website, to collect information about your website visit. This information is updated from time to time. These files are stored on the user's terminal and will comprise anonymized data, which do not affect the terminal. They are used, to store preferences and settings on the user, including the selected language, Login or data display settings.

Cookies can also be used to, to collect anonymous data for Nitzung the website. For example, information about, accessed which website on the internet portal or if a banner ad was clicked.

For what purpose used Cookies? used exclusively Cookies, which are strictly necessary to use our Internet Portals, use it to navigate our customers free, use secure areas, Can set preferences, etc.. We also use Cookies, capture the data, basis of which the use of the Internet portals can be analyzed. These are used, to measure the customer care and to improve utilization and performance of the portal, to optimize these and personalize.

Our Internet portals can contain to social networks like Facebook or Twitter have links. has no control over Cookies, derived from such external websites. More information on the Cookies of social networks and other third-party sites, see the cookie policy of this Internet portals.

How are the various types of Cookies used by us?

After their use:

Technical Cookies

From a technical Cookies understood to be Cookies, correct for the operation of an Internet portal and the use of the individual options and services, it offers, are strictly necessary.

For example Cookies for maintaining a session, for managing response time, Performance or validation of options, for use of security elements, to share content on social networks, etc..

Cookies for personalization

This Cookies allow the user, Personalize features general options of the Internet portal, for example, language, regional configuration or type of terminal.


The analysis-Cookies on our web portals we use, to create profiles for browsing behavior and to analyze the preferences of the user, to our range of products and services adapt to it.

With an analysis-Cookie is examined, for example,, which geographic areas are most strongly represented, which is the product with the largest customer acceptance is etc.


With advertising-Cookies Advertising space can be managed based on specific criteria. For example, the frequency of the call will be, Change of content, etc.. measured.

The advertising-Cookies permit by administrative advertising the collection of behavioral data by evaluating habits. This page calls are monitored and created the user preference profiles, Select to expand advertising to the interests of the profile.


After time:


Session cookies

Session-Cookies are active during the time, which the user is on the Internet portal on the go, and are then deleted.

Dauerhafte Cookies

This Cookies For a long time on the user's terminal (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone) saved, automatically restore the selected preferences every time, when the user invokes the Internet portal.


Can I use this Cookies reject?


The current legislation requires, that we have your permission to use Cookiesmust obtain. If you are processing the Cookies not to allow, We only use technical Cookies, which are absolutely necessary for the functioning of our Internet Portals. We store in this case, no Cookies. When you browse our web portal, to refuse without your permission, this is considered as tacit authorization for the use of Cookies.

Note, require that we reject or delete the Cookies their preferences can not save from the internet portal and that some pages can not be used, that we can not provide personalized services and that again to consent to the use of each call of the portal Cookies are asked.

Regardless of your present decision, You can Cookies any time later delete it from your device and the storage of Cookies prohibit, by changing the configuration of your browser:

Cookies-Configuration im Internet Explorer
Cookies-Konfiguration bei Firefox
Cookies-Konfiguration bei Google Chrome
Cookies-Safari bei Konfiguration

After making changes or updates to the browser, it may be, that the method of configuration is slightly different from the one shown here. If you have other, use not specified herein browser, like. Konqueror, Arora or Flock you will find the option to configure a rule in the Options / Settings menu under Security. (Information, see the Help for your browser.)

Will the Cookies used data collected on Internet portals, which are not operated by


Some of our Cookies be used, to advertise in networks to create a third party or to create analyzes, are used for the external tools. The used Cookies used exclusively by and never sold to others.

How important is this Cookies-Policy for me?


If our Cookies permit, we can improve the Internet portals, to provide them with optimal access, more efficient and personalized use.

You can also configure your browser, that only reliable Internet portals or. Websites, on which you are currently, Cookies allowed to manage, and select in this way their preferences.

With this Cookies-Policy, that describes you in an intelligible form, which Cookies we use and what are they used, proves their commitment to comply with the legislation in force regarding the use of Cookies. We would like to explain in a transparent form, what data is collected about your browsing behavior on our Internet portal of us.

This Cookies-Policy is reviewed periodically and brought up to date. Changes are therefore possible. We therefore recommend, occasionally check this page out, if any updates were made.

Where can I find additional information on the subject?


If you have questions about the use of Cookies have, that are not answered at this point, please contact our customer service.

Information about the Cookies-Directive in Spanish can be found in the Spanish State Gazette BOE of 31. March 2012 (Implementation of Directive 2009/136/EC on the protection of personal data in the electronic communications). The EU Directive on German / English can be found on

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