This is no longer just shopped, but also stroll, astonished, enjoyed. The former traditional market of a sensual culinary magnet for visitors has become - not just for tourists, as well as locals increasingly use the opportunity for a gastronomic stop.

Designed by architect Gabriel Alomar and 1951 open, has the venerable building in the course of time already several beautification- through and modernization measures, the last great in the years 1997 and 2003.

Just as you visit the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich not only, to fresh fruit, Vegetables, To buy meat or fish, is also the largest indoor market in Palma with its 115 Become objects into a trendy meeting place

For many visitors, the Bar des Peix, the long-established tapas bar with fish- and seafood specialties, still the main point of contact.

Those who like Asian, has the choice of three sushi stalls, with the German Thomas Wilder made a beginning with Yosushi two and a half years ago. Between 80 Und percent 1,50 Euros are the prices for the appetizers of the former Michelin-starred chef from Germany - he is so cheaper than its competitors.

About a year ago savages opened directly opposite and the Pink Salmon, where everything - the name says it - to the salmon turns.

A little more luxurious it comes at the oyster level Ostras of Tolo Torrens to. Here you sip fresh goods of known oyster company Daniel SORLUT from France, eating caviar and drinking a champagne.

Important in all this, however, are the opening times, . Palmas market continues undaunted firmly on spätmittäglichen Close. Where one also to the effect require an adjustment to the modern times and the needs of the customers and is also economically see an opportunity, pass the other, mostly small family farms, on the tradition - and their leisure.

Olivar market, open Mon-Sat 7-14.30 Clock, Bars and food stands a little longer. Square Olive, 4, Palm (with car park). Info, Term:

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