In Mallorca, the Johannesburg Festival is celebrated - and more than a week. Kick off with the capital Palma on 23. June, with the Nit de Foc (the night of the fire).

The festival begins in Palma with a spectacular "correfoc" (Firewalking). It is celebrated in the Parc del Mar, front of the cathedral. Family and friends can be found here about the event with dancing, Music, demonic protagonists (Demons) and lots of pyrotechnics, a.

Then the islanders meet at midnight, the magic hour on the beach. There bonfires and who wants, may be released from contaminated sites of the past year, by the written down on a piece of paper and throws it into the fire. The fireplaces are also to donate the solar power. The original tradition of Spain and Portugal, however, has lost its originality over time and has been modernized. Today shine at the Playa de Palma thousands of candles on paper boats with wishes on board in the sea and it is grilled until sunrise, danced, swam and celebrated.

Except in Palma Sant Joan is also the feast of the patron saints of towns Calvià, Deia, s'Esglaieta, Wall, Felanitx, Son Servera und Sant Joan. Sant Joan is located in the Mallorcan central level. The region is heavily agricultural. In addition, the breeding of the black pig is operated here, more and more. Therefore, in the village is also an agricultural fair for the patronal festival held. In Sant Joan is also the 24. Juni die Fiesta "Dancing Sun (Sun Dancing)"Celebrated. At daybreak, people gather, to the emergence of the "dancing sun" experience. The customs in Johannesburg eight come from paganism and illustrate the importance of natural elements for agriculture.

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